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2012 Theories and Myths, Featuring: Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson & Gary Baddeley (Part 1 of 3)

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In this article is a fascinating look at the fundamental principles which we view working at any plane of reality. When we become able to perceive these kinds of figures responsible for the sensory perception the better you can be conscious of the deeper principles that produce the world of manifestation.

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DragonCon 2010 served as setting for this fascinating Question and Answer Panel entitled “2012 Theories and Myth featuring best selling author Graham Hancock, Renegade Scholar Randall Carlson & Filmmaker & Ceo of the Disinformation publishing company Gary Baddeley as well as other special guests. This was recorded on Sunday September 5th 2010 during the annual DragonCon celebration in Atlanta, Ga

Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson both explain the reality of a potential lost chapter of human civilization and what connection it may have to the precessional cycle as encoded i… Read More

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