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So you don’t have social network accounts or an email list?
And yet you are here participating in the Sacred Geometry Game… Interesting.
Of course if you are willing to speak with people about the game then you can still play.
Business cards with your customised link on them may be useful. 
But I am curious as to how you have managed to avoid social networks,
and yet found your way here to this arcane portal where the flow on information in cyberspace
meets the ancient wisdom stream of sacred geometry?

Since it is still early days for the game…
If you are truly inspired to play the Sacred Geometry Game and help promote sacred geometry in a new way…
then I request that you contact me here and we can have a chat about how you can participate 🙂

Wishing you all the best, all ways ~
Narada Dan Vantari

Connect your dot to all the other dots and see the big picture that emerges ~
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