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Dear {$name}
Thank you for taking the first step on
‘journey to the center of everything’
that I call the Sacred Geometry Game.  🙂
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think might be interested to join,
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If you have questions, or any problems logging into your members area, 
just email me, or use the password recovery there. 
I hope to connect with you personally once we are
under way.
All the best ~
Narada Dan Vantari
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The Sacred Geometry Game Angel Starship

Hi ~
My friend Narada from Byron Bay Australia,
is launching on the 22nd September
a project called ‘The Sacred Geometry
that he has been working on for many
The goal of the game is to use
sacred geometry
to accelerate the evolution of human
It will eventually involve Sacred
Geometry board games,
but level one of the game is simply to
share images on social media
to win his gorgeous gold plated
3D printed geometries and other items,

For those who wish to become
‘Promoters’ of The Sacred Geometry Game
multi-level financial rewards are also offered.
And for those who share the vision of
having a harmonizing effect on society 
by making sacred geometry go
viral in a new way,
then there is also the invitation 
to become ‘Cocreators’ of the game.
If this sounds interesting to you…
check out his interactive video presentation here 
I very much enjoyed Narada’s lavishly illustrated book
‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life’
which is now available to read for free
in the Sacred Geometry Game member’s area!
Registering to play the game is also free.
Wishing you all the best ~

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