The Book of Light Screensaver

Installation Instructions for Windows (7 and above)

NOTE: Most computers are set up already to open zip files, but if you cannot open it by double clicking then you may need to install a free unzipping program such as 7 zip for Windows 

The install process for the screensaver is as follows:

  1. Download the zip file from the download page
  2. Double click the file and unpack it into a folder. (If double clicking does not open a menu for unpacking a zip file then you may have to install a Zip program as noted above).
  3. Inside the folder find 4 files
  4. Read the ReadMe-Important.txt file
  5. Double click installation file TheBookOfLight.exe
  6. Follow the simple prompts to agree to the EULA and install the screensaver 
  7. You should now be in the Windows Screensaver Settings. Click ‘Settings…’ and you can choose your speed for the slides, speed for transitions, whether you want the music on or off, and whether you would like the last image to be set as your desktop image. You can access the Windows Screesaver Settings at any time by typing ‘change screen saver’ into the Windows search box on your task bar. NOTE: There are Keyboard controls for Fwd/Back/Pause/Mute/VolumeUp/VolumeDown/NextMusic/Restart accessible whilst the screensaver is running as explained in the ReadMe file, and also ocassionally on slides in the screensaver.¬†
  8. Set how long you want the system to remain idle before the screensaver starts
  9. Click the Preview button to try it out. NOTE: The Esc Key will always end the screensaver session
  10. To save harddrive space delete the 3 zip files you downloaded (not the 4 files you extracted).