Book of Light Screensaver
The Book of Light Screensaver

Hello members of AngelicInterface.BookOfLightCover
We are thrilled to announce that The Book of Light Screensaver
is now available for beta testing.
You can download the installation files using the links below.

There are slightly different interfaces for the Windows version and the Mac version. On the left hand menu you can find installation instructions for the two operating systems. 

We would love your feedback if you encounter any problems. Please use the Contact link on the left.

The Windows Download is a zip file containing 4 files: the installation exe, EULA.txt (licence), Readme-ImportantInfo.txt, and another installation file BookOfLight.iss. The Readme file has instructions, but if you double click the installation exe file it will lead you through an easy install process.

The MacOS download is a little more complex, and begins with downloading 3 zip files containing the 30 chapters as individual videos.  The Mac version uses a free open-source Mac screesaver program called Aerial, which you download separately.  Instructions for setting the videos up with the Aerial screensaver are contained within the 3 Mac zip files you donwload below.


Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and later,
and MacOS 10.12 and later,
(including Sonoma and Apple Silicon)

Most computers are set up already to open zip files, but if you cannot open them by double clicking then you may need to install a free unzipping program such as
7 zip for Windows


Use the link below to download the 1gig zip file
that contains 4 files, the installation file TheBookOfLight.exe, the ReadMe-Important.txt file,
the EUAL.text files (End User Licence Agreement), and another program file TheBookOfLight.iss
To begin installing extract the contents of the zip file into a folder, and then double click TheBookOfLight.exe and follow the installation prompts. Note: because it is a one gig file there may be a short pause of up to 20 seconds or more where nothing seems to be happening before the installation dialog opens.
A step-by-step walk through for Windows installtion
can be found on the left hand menu here.

Use these links below to download the 3 zip files containing 30 videos for use in the Mac version of the Book of Light screensaver. The zip files also contain an EULA and Instructions files.
Please be aware that each of the 3 zip files is either just over or just less than 1 gig, so it is best to download one at a time, even when you have a reasonably fast internet connection!

As well as the Book of Light video files you will need to install the truly wonderful FREE open-source Mac Screensaver called Aerial, (which seems to be a work of love by some Mac Screensaver enthusiasts). Instructions for installing and setting up Aerial with the Book of Light videos can be found inside any of the 3 zip files.

A step-by-step walk through can be found on the left hand menu here.

Click here if you want to check out the Aerial Mac Screensaver homepage

Click here to begin downloading the latest version of Aerial from their website