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Version 0.6 alpha testing

IMPORTANT Note: Sacred Geometry Game is not quite ready.¬† ūüôā
If you are inspired by what you see here and would like to help make it real

please use the contact form to get in touch.
I am not at all sure it will become real without your help.

Things are still changing here, and the explanation and functionality is certainly not finished!
This page you are reading now will become an interactive video.
We ask you to forgive (and report!) any flaws in the explanation of the game or the functionality of this site.
To make all the pieces of Sacred Geometry Game and bring them together in a way that works
has been a huge and complex project, and it is still being improved every day.
I look forward to connecting with you soon.

 ~ Narada Dan Vantari

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The Vision of Sacred Geometry Game

Spreading Awareness of Harmonic Principles

The goal of the game is to use sacred geometry to better understand the harmonic nature of existence
and accelerate the mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution of humanity.
This is necessary in order to keep pace with the exponential growth in the power of our technologies,
such as 3D printing, Nanotech, Biotech, and, in particular… A.I. (‘Artificial Intelligence’).
To achieve this goal we have created a variety of tools that will encourage massive social participation.
What you see here on this website is only phase one
of a Visionary project that will evolve over many months to come.
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Our ambition is for Sacred Geometry Game to become a new kind of globally distributed social phenomena.
A non-dogmatic, grass roots, spiritual, scientific, and creative movement.
To survive the myriad apocalyptic scenarios of our high-tech future,
and have a chance to thrive in an as yet unimaginable utopian golden age,
it is essential that we teach A.I. to understand the laws of harmony and their essential role in the creation of all sustainable processes and stable forms.
To do that requires activating, at the species level as well as at the individual level, the higher capacities of the human heart and mind. It has long been recognised by practitioners that contemplation and familiarisation with the fundamental forms and primary patterns of sacred geometry has an aligning and  centering influence upon the various planes and aspects of existence within ourselves.

These simple forms that are the foundations of Creation, will strengthen our connection to the Source of All Existence,
and through that, unforeseen serendipitous events will occur to allow our highest intentions to manifest in the world.

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Do you like to look at sacred geometrical patterns?
Do you find that there is something beautiful about them?
Do they attract your eyes, intrigue your mind,
or even (mildly perhaps) dazzle your soul with their harmonic resonance?

If so, would you be willing to SHARE them with your FRIENDS
with the click of a couple of buttons?
What if sharing them earned you commissions on the sale of every geometry pictured,
and every product in the world’s most beautiful Sacred Geometry store
at www.SacredGeometrical.com ?

1) Earn multi-level commissions and prizes by helping to promote sacred geometry,
our book ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life’,
(which you can read online for free, and/or order copies of here),
our exquisite geometric 3D printed jewellery and models,
and our range of sacred geometry inspired clothing,
and much more.

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How Sacred Geometry Game Works

The rules of sacred geometry game are constantly evolving.
There are some rules that we know have been established, and others that are theorized,
and others that have been discovered and for the time being at least confirmed.
One thing we are pretty sure about is that the first step of setting up for the game
is to become a player by registering here.  (Coming SOON)

Sacred Geometry Game is a co-operative game.
It will have three aspects as a board game, a social game, and a meta-game.
All of them are based around the geometric dynamics of interacting spheres of energy.
The real world metagame has begun, and you are invited to join in.
Your first move is to sign in to the game and confirm your contact.
Don’t worry about the rules. The first rule is that you have to discover them as you play.

The board game will have many forms, such as …
a strategy game, a memory game, a game of luck, a game of telepathy, a game of precognition.

The Real World aspect of Sacred Geometry Game

The ‘game’ aspect of things comes in through our shared intent to use these gold plated 3D printed sacred geometries
to help shift the materialist paradigm that sees life as a competition for diminishing supplies.
Playing this game is actually a lot easier than describing in detail how to play it!
Stripped back to its essence, it goes like this: Join the Game ~ Share Sacred Geometry images and videos ~
Earn Rewards from sales of our geometric 3D printed jewelry and models,
and our range of sacred geometry inspired clothing, our book,
and most of the other amazing items in our unique online store.

Share on social media (or any other way you can imagine) the Flower of Life game boards and Sacred Geometry game pieces
that we are making available as printable pdfs with your customised information and links embedded.
Help the people who join your team to Share the game, the same as you are doing.
Earn significant financial rewards and prizes.

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While you are doing this, as you encounter and contemplate these fundamental forms
that reveal the harmonic symmetries of¬†physical and spiritual reality …
allow the geometries to uplift you to become your highest vision of what you always wished to be,
your strongest, wisest, and most compassionate self.

We ultimately aim for total transparency of the system, and to avoid complicating things unnecessarily! Sacred Geometry Game uses a quite sophisticated affiliate tracking software called ‘Post Affiliate Pro’ that allows us to not only track sales that come through your Customised Players links, but also to track the ‘tree’ of who joins the Game through whom. We can then reward you with commissions, not only on your own sales, but also on sales generated by your team of people who join either directly or indirectly through you. This means the Game functions more like a simple multi-level marketing system than just a basic one level affiliate program.

Step by Step Explanation of How to Play

  1. Step One: Join the game. (Optionally purchase items).
  2. Step Two: Log into your Players Area and Share beautiful images that have your affiliate code embedded into them
  3. Step Three: When anyone purchases an ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry’ book through your links you earn a commission
  4. Step Four: When anyone purchases a ‘Sacred Geometry Game Kit’ you earn commission
  5. Step Five: When anyone who joined the game through you has someone join through their links and purchase a Game Kit,¬† both of you earn a commission. (This continues for another 3 levels. See ‘Rewards Plan’).
  6. Step Six: Around the 15th of each month, we will pay out to everyone who has earned $50 or more. (In the Players Area you will set up your payment details).
  7. Step Seven: Celebrate that you have been rewarded in advance by doing something creative for the consciousness of humanity!

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The Sacred Geometry Board Game

Sacred Geometry Game will also be a set of playable board games.
The board will be a Flower of Life design, and the pieces will be of many kinds.
Some will be circular cards with various golden geometries inscribed on them.
Some will be 3D geometrical extensions of the flower of life symmetries in colored resin, gold enrobed brass, or even pure platinum.
The board will look gorgeous and be distributed as a pdf file that can be printed out on your home printer or any nearby printing service. Likewise the 2D pieces can be printed at home if you have a printer, or ordered from our shop in 3D.
It is intended that playing the game will develop your memory, telepathic and clairvoyant skills, empathic sensitivity and skilful compassionate communication.
It may also make you more intelligent, compassionate, and intuitive.

Ultimately there will be an online and virtual reality form of the game as well, and through this we will interact with the global consciousness and inspire the next generation of children through their contact with the fundamental forms and primary principles of existence.

The exact ‘rules’ of each Game are to be discovered through the playing of the Game.
We will provide a Forum and develop a thriving online community
where Players can interact and contribute ideas to the games!

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Sacred Geometry Tshirts

Tools, Resources, and Sacred Geometry Products.

Here is a list of some of the resources we have that can help us to spread the flame of sacred geometry awareness.
The plan is that we will soon be able to offer commission on all our sacred geometrical products, but currently we are running version 0.9, and this feature has not been added yet.
For the moment we are offering commissions only on the Understanding Sacred Geometry book
and the Sacred Geometry Game Players Kit.

Click to expand more details about the resources...
Already organised: the book, the Forum, the website, the jewellery, the tshirts, various images
Soon to come: more images, music, video, software, information,
a course in the essence of Sacred Geometry and Harmony,
and of course the board game!

PLAYERS AREA: In your Players Area is a lot of valuable information and functionality.
You can see who has joined through you and how much you have earned.
You can also choose various sacred geometrical promotional images to share with just a couple of clicks
on your Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and LinkedIn accounts.
You can also if you wish share them on your website, emails, and even business cards.

DISCUSSION FORUM: We have our own section of the Sacred Geometry Forum
dedicated to discussing and answering questions about the Game.
You will find there ideas and instructions for how to accelerate your progress.

PRODUCTS: The only actual products you can earn commissions on at this stage
is the book ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life’.
However, we plan in the near future to integrate the Sacred Geometry Game Players Kit and all our other products.

MORE TO COME: We also intend to encourage more and more Players
to contribute Sacred Geometry related digital content,
such as music, video, software, and online services,
so that ultimately the Players Kit massively over-delivers value to everyone!

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3d printed gold plated sacred geometries

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Who is the Sacred Geometry Game for?

Sacred Geometry Game is primarily for people who share the appreciation for sacred geometry, and would not mind earning commissions and rewards for promoting Sacred Geometry awareness!
It is especially for anyone inspired by the potential of sacred geometry to uplift global human consciousness.
It is for anyone who sees ways that SacredGeometryGame can be a valuable asset in their lives.

For legal reasons – to become the legal owner of a Sacred Geometry Game Player account
it is necessary to be of legal adult age in your country.

You will need to have a Paypal account or else a crypto-coin wallet into which we can transfer your earnings.
You can read more about our plans to eventually incorporate crypto-currencies into the Game inside your Players area..

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How Do You Qualify For Payment ?

There are no required expenses to register as a Player, login to the Player’s Area,
promote your Customised Links, and earn commissions on book sales.
You will also automatically earn commissions from any sales you generate of the Sacred Geometry Game Player’s Kit,
but you cannot be paid out on the Players Kit earnings until you purchase one yourself.
If you have not yet purchased a Kit when you have accumulated $100 in Kit sales commissions
then it will be used to purchase the Kit and mail it out to you, so that you are then eligible for all future payouts.
You can select the items in the Kit for us to send you.
In this way it need cost you absolutely nothing to be fully qualified

You immediately earn $5 from every book sale you generate using your Customised links.
You will receive these earnings when your earnings from sales amount to at least $50,
AND, the customers payments have been cleared*.

For instance – if you generate sales of 100 books (as one Player did recently within a few days),
and 2 percent of those customers also generate sales of 100 books, you would receive $500 + 2x $300 = $1100 USD.
That’s nice. But more importantly you will also have begun building your team of people who join the Game through you,
and over time this may become a far more significant income!

However, as stated above, before you can be paid for sales of our $100 Promotional Kit
you need to have purchased one yourself.
If you have accumulated $100 in income from sales of the Kit but not purchased one yourself,
then the first $100 will be used to purchase your Kit.
You are then eligible to be paid all future commissions.
This means that it is not necessary for anyone to make any monetary investment to earn commissions and rewards!

Because Paypal and credit card companies generally refund payments when requested to, without consulting the merchant,
we cannot pay commissions until enough time has passed to be sure that the payment will not be cancelled by the purchaser.
This can mean a delay of up to 2 months to prevent malicious fraud ūüôĀ
We aim to make sure that everyone is rewarded as intended for every sale they generate!
To facilitate this we intend to move to a crypto-currency based system as soon as it is logistically feasible
so as to avoid this problem completely.
Exceptions to this delay may be granted by application if you are in financial emergency circumstances.

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Sacred Geometry Game is a Good Thing!

Games involving money run the risk of falling foul of various human dynamics!
We intend to avoid all these problematic aspects of money games.

Click to expand more details about this...

Here are some of the ways in which Sacred Geometry Game avoids the problems of other games.
1) No one is asked to invest a significant amount of money into the game.
(If $100 is a significant amount to you, then we suggest you join the game for free
and earn enough through the game so that this is no longer so!)
2) Everyone will immediately receive full value for any purchases they make or funds they contribute.
3) Everyone has 30 days to change their mind and return any purchases for a full refund.
4)  We have a public forum where any problems can be worked out.

Technically, in Network Marketing compensation plan terms,
Sacred Geometry Game pays 5 levels deep and infinite width.
This sort of pyramid structure has been given a bad name by illegal ‘pyramid schemes’
and high pressure multi-level marketing companies.
However, since the Sacred Geometry game does not require a significant investment to participate,
and provides full value for any funds contributed in the form of products,
it is in no way illegal, and should not cause anyone to lose friends or annoy their relatives!
We aspire to the virtues of Fairness, Transparency, Reliability, and Privacy.
Although the game can be played with the intention of earning income,
its primary physical effect is intended to be
the distribution of consciousness raising items and information!

Ready to make your first move ? Click here to join in !

More About Sacred Geometry

To learn more about Sacred Geometry visit our website www.SacredGeometryWeb.com
or read the book Understanding Sacred Geometry
If you recognise the importance of Sacred Geometry please participate in the SacredGeometryForum